Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our November workshop took place today at the usual venue in Togher.  This was the last workshop before the AGM, which is scheduled for Saturday, 13th December, 2014 at 10.30 a.m.  The venue is our usual spot at Togher old school.  Chairman, John Ahern, urged all members to attend.  There will be a visiting demonstrator.  This will be followed by our Christmas "Party" and each member is asked to bring along some goodies to be shared among all the attendees.
John also asked that anybody who may wish to serve on the incoming committee should give in his/her name to either himself or Hon. Sec., Mick Bouchier.
The Cork branch of the Stickmakers have a visiting carver from Wales at The Lough Scouthall (In the grounds of The Lough R.C. Church) on Sunday 23rd November from 10.00 a.m. to about 3.00 p.m.  He will first give a demonstration and then conduct a short workshop.  We have been invited to attend if any member wishes to.
We had two demonstrators today.  First off was Brian Goulding who was giving his first demonstration on his own.  He did a beautiful lighthouse, which generated much interest.  Brian came well prepared with examples of his various parts pre-prepared.  He demonstrated some neat practices to ensure accuracy and with the expertise of a well-practised teacher introduced each tool to the assembly before he used it.

Brian's lighthouse, before sanding/finishing
Before the tea break the chapter had a general discussion about the ubiquitous subject, Health & Safety.  It was decided to form a small sub-committee, with Ger Hennessy in the chair,  of members who have experience of the subject in private industry.  They will, hopefully, report back at the AGM next month.
After refreshments our demonstrator was Seamus Healy.  Seamus came very well prepared also with several examples of his project, which he passed around.  His subject was a square bowl made from Chestnut.  With the dexterity and confidence of an old master Seamus was very soon passing around a lovely square-edged bowl.  He also showed the assembly some variations, including how to make a bowl with legs and also one with handles.
Seamus Healy, with his blank mounted on the chuck.

The competition was 'a bowl' and there was an excellent entry, probably the best this year.
The full entry.
The winners were: Beginners:    1st.......Joe Kennedy.   2nd.....Christy Fitzpatrick.  3rd......John McCarthy.
Intermediate: 1st......Brian Goulding.  2nd....Bill O'Mahony.  3rd.....Hugh Garrett.
Advanced:  1st......Gerard Hennessy.  2nd....Charley McCarthy.  3rd.....Stephen Pearson.

Brian Goulding with his lighthouse.

Winners of "Beginners" - placed as listed, left to right.

Winners of "Intermediate" - placed as listed, left to right.

1st & 2nd of "Advanced" - placed as listed, left to right.
Stephen Pearson had departed.

Our demonstrators, Brian Goulding (left) and Seamus Healy.

As announced at the Chapter workshop today, Terry Goggin of Irish Chainsaw Mills contacted us this morning and told us he had a good supply of Holly, Yew and Sycamore available.  If any member wants to contact him his contact details are as follows:
TERRY GOGGIN    086 3823291    
HIs website is:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We had about 40 people at our October event in Tony Farrell’s wonderful workshop on Saturday, 25th October last.  Our guest turner was the popular and gregarious Liam O’Neill whose name is for many years almost synonymous with woodturning in Ireland.  Liam didn’t disappoint.

He started the demonstration with a simple bowl.  There was scarcely a member present who hasn’t made several bowls of different sizes and shapes over the years but by the time Liam was finished everybody present agreed that they had learned something.  Our guest is, perhaps, one of the best demonstrators in Ireland today.  During the whole day he never took up a tool without explaining why he had shaped into what it was and telling us why he was using it.  He never presented a tool to the wood without explaining at what angle he was doing it, from what he position he was starting and where he expected to finish the cut.  Because Tony has a superb dust extraction system Liam was able to go right through the finishing process; he introduced the products he was using and outlined their benefits and shortcomings, including how to overcome the latter. 

Interspersed with interesting slide-shows of some of Liam’s “big” projects, including building a concrete lathe and chainsaw turning, he went on to demonstrate a beautifully designed bowl with a wide rim that was undercut and then on to his piéce de résistance, a lovely box, made from redwood burr with an ebony lip on both the main box and the cover.

It was a most satisfactory day and all members present, including some visitors from our neighbouring Kerry Chapter, went home well satisfied with their day.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the scrumptious lunch Tony, Alice and their team of helpers served up.  The lunch alone was worth more than the cost of the workshop.  Tony is famous for his cooked leg of ham and he didn’t disappoint.  The dessert could be chosen from a wide variety of home-cooked goodies and I’m afraid many diets were set aside and doctors’ orders for some of us widely ignored.  Thank you Tony, Alice and team.  Have you guessed yet why some of us NEVER miss a workshop in Waterfall?

In anticipation of Liam’s box – he had done a similar one at the National Seminar in Sligo – the competition for the month was a box.  The winners were:  Beginners:  1st - Pat Dromey, 2nd - Christy Fitzgerald and 3rd - Rita Murphy.  Intermediate:  1st - Jim O'Donovan and 2nd - Hugh Garrett.  Advanced:  1st - Peter Manning, 2nd - Ger Hennessy and 3rd - Dave Lee. 
Chapter Chairman, John Ahern, shares the joke as he introduces Liam O'Neill
Liam makes his point.

Finished cherry bowl.

Competition winners for October.

Peter Manning with his winning box.

Liam's box in redwood burr and ebony.

The cake with the I.W.G. emblem.

Some of the desserts served at the workshop.

I.W.G. President, Willie Creighton (front row, second from left) , came all the way from Mayo to be with us.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We can now offer one or two places on Liam O'Neill's demonstration at Tony Farrell's workshop in Waterfall on the 25th October at 10.30 a.m. to non Cork Chapter members.  If you are interested contact Mick Bouchier at
Any members who have reserved a place but now find that a you cannot attend please notify Mick as soon as possible so that we can offer the place to somebody else.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Liam O'Neill's demonstration at Tony Farrell's workshop in Waterfall on the 25th October at 10.30 a.m. is filling up fast. We are limited to 40. To make sure you have a place register with our Hon. Secretary, Mick Bouchier, right away.

Liam O'Neill, with a prototype of one of his projects.
Liam's exquisite box, complete.

The inside of the box.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apologies for getting some of the competition placings wrong in the post last night. They have now been corrected.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The next workshop is at Tony Farrell's workshop in Waterfall on the 25th October at 10.30 a.m. LIam O'Neill, one of the founders of the Guild and perhaps one of the best-known turners in Ireland and with a huge following in many other countries, is the guest turner. Numbers will be limited to 40 and the cost, to include lunch (Tony is famous for his magnificent lunches), will be €20.00. Those attending should give their names to our Hon. Secretary, Michael Bouchier, as soon as possible to reserve a place.
David Lee, who, with Leo O'Donoghoe, judged the competition points out the finer points of the lamp.

David handles Ger Hennessy's prize ball while Chairman, John Ahern, keeps an eye on proceedings.

From left: Paddy O'Rourke, John Ahern, Micheál Howard, John O'Shea, Ger Hennessy, Jim Byrne and Bill O'Mahony.

Paddy Lynch's 'Chapman Twist' before final glueing.

Paddy Lynch at the lathe.

The Chapter held its September workshop at the usual venue in Togher on Saturday the 20th.  The competition was for a sphere and even though the entry was small the quality was excellent.
The "Beginners" section was won by Micheál Howard.
"Intermediate" was won by Jim Byrne with Bill O'Mahony second .
"Advanced" was won by Ger Hennessy, second was John Ahern and John O'Shea & Paddy O'Rourke were joint third. 
The first demonstrator was Paddy O'Rourke who did an intriguing box with a 'twist and spur' lockable lid.  Many experienced turners hadn't seen it before and were fascinated.
The irrepressible and highly entertaining Paddy Lynch then took over and produced his now well-known "Chapman Twist" lamp.  Paddy is well known as a straight talker but with a great sense of humour.  His way of describing things, as well as his humorous 'asides' , had the members rocking in their seats with laughter.  Yet, he produced the goods and several members left the workshop with a full set of "the makings" which Paddy had wisely prepared in the off chance that there may have been buyers for them.

Some of the attendance at the September Workshop

Paddy O'Rourke, working on the lid of his box.

The unusual (for a woodturner box at any rate) locking system.

Friday, September 12, 2014

For those who contacted Michael Pattwell with offers to contribute turned items for raffles at the coffee mornings for Marymount next Thursday just let him know if it suits you for him to call and he will collect either over the weekend or early next week. For those who haven't offered yet there is still time so spin that piece of wood and call Michael. Just call Michael on 086 2801234. Thank you all.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Aldi are advertising a lathe from next Sunday, 7th September.  If anybody is looking for a second lathe to do light work one could hardly go too wrong for €129.99.
It is not possible to recommend it as it hasn't been tested but just to inform Chapter members - or other subscribers to this page - that it is on offer.  Check it out on their website.

Friday, August 29, 2014

If any member (or even a non-member) intends to donate a piece for the Marymount coffee morning on the 18th September it would be a great help if you would kindly get in touch with Michael Pattwell as soon as you can to indicate that you are participating. It would greatly facilitate the organisers. Thanks you. To date there are 5 who have volunteered.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Practically everybody is aware that one of the major fundraising events for Marymount Hospice in Cork is their annual coffee morning - known now as "Ireland's Biggest Coffee Morning". This year it is to be held on Thursday, 18th September from 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon in private homes and halls all over Ireland. There is likely to be a venue in every parish/district. 
We, the Cork Chapter of the Irish Woodturners Guild, have decided that we would like to help out this very worthy cause. Accordingly we are asking members, purely on a voluntary basis, to make an item to be donated to the coffee morning in your area to be included in the raffle which is traditionally held at each venue.
If you contact Michael Pattwell he will be able to direct you to the nearest venue or if it is easier the items can be delivered to Michael who will ensure they get to the appropriate venue.
The item can be of any shape or size and likely commercial value is not a concern.
There are very few families who haven't been effected by the scourge of cancer and for many of them a lot of relief and solace was found within the hospice movement and especially in the Cork and surrounding areas in Marymount.
Thank you in advance to those who participate and for those who cannot there will be other opportunities in the future.
The page from The Evening Echo, 22nd August, 2014 featuring WOODSPUN, the annual exhibition of the Cork Chapter of the I.W.G.  It will continue at the James O'Neill Building in Kinsale (Across the road fro St. Multose Church, at the entrance to the car park there.) until Tuesday next, 26th August and continuing in reduced form for a few more weeks after that.
Page 27, The Evening E ho, 22nd August, 2014.
Our exhibition, WOODSPUN, continues at the James O'Neill Building (Across the road from St. Multose Church) in Kinsale until next Tuesday, at least. It is hoped now that some items will be retained for longer to be displayed with the next exhibition opening next week as part of Cork Craft Month.
Here are a few more of the items on display.
Tony Farrell's lovely hollow forms.

Mars O'Reilly's colourful and exciting hollow forms.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A few more items from WOODSPUN.

Tony Farrell's monkey puzzle bowl.

The inside of Tony's monkey puzzle bowl.

a yew plate

Leo O'Donoghue's walnut see-through clock.
Lighthouses, by Brian Goulding & Michael Pattwell.

Keep an eye on the Evening Echo on Friday next, 22nd August, for a report and photographs from WOODSPUN, our exhibition in Kinsale.

Monday, August 18, 2014

What true woodturners really want to see,  some of the exhibits. I can't recall who the makers of some of these items are but I will check it out and edit the credit in in due course. 
John O'Shea's magnificent hollow form, blackened elm on an elm base.

Yew lamp with hand-painted shade by Olive Murphy Designs.

Leo O'Donoghue's mahogany table lamp, again with an Olive Murphy hand-painted shade.

Kieran Higgins' bog oak hollow form.  Just imagine trying to keep that together on a lathe as it spins at several hundred rpm.  

Leo O'Donoghue's standard lamp (with another Olive Murphy shade) with a selection of smaller items on a display cabinet made by Fearghal O'Leary.

John O'Shea's turning/carving in contrasting woods.

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Brian Goulding, thinking outside the box, made these really wonderful floor lamps.

Brian McAdoo's twisted candle-holder.

Kieran Higgins' burr-elm bowl.  Has to be seen in the wood, as it were, to be fully appreciated.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


We had a really nice opening of WOODSPUN, our annual exhibition, today. The Right Reverend Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, performed the opening. Both the bishop and our chairman, John Ahern, remembered George Colton who was a very respected member of our chapter for many years up to his death a few years ago. George was, of course, the bishop's father and accordingly it was particularly apt that His Lordship would grace us with his presence and do the honours.
There is a very high standard of work this year and the exhibition is well worth a visit.
The exhibition is open each day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. right through to Tuesday 26th August, inclusive. The venue is The James O'Neill Building (previously know as The Old Mill) and is very easy to find. It is right behind Kinsale Garda Station and Crackpots Restaurant and directly across the road from St. Multose Church. It is at the entrance to the car park there.
Help is still needed to man the exhibition each day and any member who can help out is asked to contact Tony Farrell.
There is very much thanks due to both Tony Farrell and Kieran Higgins for putting the whole thing together. Tony's associate turner, Mars O'Reilly, has been of huge help and we can never thank her enough.

Some of the beautiful workmanship on display

Some more of the items on display

John Ahern, Chapter Chairman (on left) & Brian McAdoo meet and greet Mrs. Susan Colton and Bishop Colton.

Bishop Colton and John Ahern, with John O'Shea's black hollow form between them.

Mrs, Teresa Ahern, who presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Colton, Mrs. Colton, Bishop Colton and John Ahern.

From left:  Tony Farrell, one of the main organisers, his associate, Mars O'Reilly, Mrs. Colton, Bishop Colton and John Ahern.  Kieran Higgins, the other main organiser, was too shy to go into the photograph so the photographer did the next best thing by including Kieran's magnificent hollow form in the foreground.

GOTTCHA! Kieran (right) with Tony Farrell.
Charlie McCarthy welcomes Anne Dunne from Kerry.

Michael Bouchier (left) Chapter Hon. Secretary with his son, Tommy, and Tommy's wife, Lisa..
Chapter member, Jim O'Donovan, kindly sent me the following photos from his camera.
Visit the exhibition and take your time; we have plenty of it.

Paddy Lynch, chatting with Mick Bouchier, seems suspicious of the camera.

John O'Shea chats with the Kerry Chapter Hon. Secretary, Lesley Clarke.

Paddy Lynch (left) chats with Teresa Ahern and Mr. & Mrs. Leo O'Donoghue find it very interesting.