Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ten members of the Cork Chapter attended the National Seminar in Dublin from the 25th to 27th Sept. 2015. Whilst there was some disappointment with the venue it was very enjoyable and between the "craic" between ourselves, fun and repartee with other guild members from around the country and catching up with old friends everybody had a good time. The demonstrations were excellent and we all learned something. I would estimate that most members spent a little less than usual at the trade stands but this was understandable because there were less stands this year.
Dave Lee again did us proud by coming third in the National Competition in the Artistic Section. Well done, Dave, and thanks for keeping the Cork Flag flying.
Congratulations to Brendan Griffin who got third prize in the raffle. Brendan was delighted to receive an Evolution Chuck, complete with jaws.
All the entries for the 'Bicycle' Chapter Challenge.

Dave Lee's prize-winning entry - It got 3rd in the Artistic Section in the National Competition.

Dave Certificate - Recognition of his wonderful craftsmanship and artistic ability.

The delight evident on Dave's face reflects the delight on all our faces for him and for the recognition he has brought to the Cork Chapter.

Dave's great friend, Jim O'Donovan, offers his congratulations and Cork Chapter Chairman, John Ahern, joins in.
This piece won the overall prize for 2015.  A magnificent platter by Gorey member, Robert O'Connor.
This is the bicycle that won the Chapter Challenge at the I.W.G. Chapter Challenge, 2015. It was made by the South-East Chapter. It is ALL wood, including the chain (about 600 pieces alone), the tyres (the pattern was hand carved) and the wheel spokes (they were all made by hand). The brakes actually work and if the pedals are turned the chain drives the rear wheel, which actually freewheels. It is an incredible piece of work, as were all eight entries for the competition. Hearty congratulations to all the South-East team.
Cork Chapter did not have an entry but hopefully we will remedy that next year and in future years.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Saturday last we were all back again at Tony Farrell's for the September workshop.  Whilst Tony is very far from being a one trick pony - a look at his many and varied creations in his studio gives definite testimony to that - he has developed quite a reputation for his very large bowls.  It was, accordingly, not a great surprise when his subject for the day was a large bowl in ash.
He started from the very beginning by taking the members out of doors where he cut the blank from a large trunk.  All the while he explained his chainsaw technique and this alone was a valuable learning experience for most of us.  He then went on to demonstrate the care of the chainsaw, including the sharpening of it.
The blank he then mounted on his big VB36 lathe was then about 37% moisture content.  
Tony likes to rough turn his bowls initially and then put them away for several months until the moisture content is reduced to 16 or 17 per cent.  He then remounts them and finishes them.  He mounts the roughly rounded blank using a faceplate ring, rough turns the outside and then puts in a recess for turning the blank around so that he can partly hollow the inside.  
He leaves the ring in place for remounting later and this, of course, means that he leaves quite a substantial column in the centre.
When, at the beginning of his demonstration, Tony mounted what seemed to many to be gigantic blank and switched the lathe on several members lost no time in moving out of the line of fire in case the blank decided to part company with the lathe.  Not likely to happen, however, because Tony Farrell is the consummate professional and safety is his second name.
Our demonstrator took the wet, rough turned blank off the lathe and substituted one that had been prepared up to 12 months previously.  He took us through every stage of the process until at the end of the day he passed around a complete bowl, finished to perfection.
Thank you, Tony, for another great day in your workshop and thank you, Alice and your team for the delicious lunch, complete with your traditional baked ham.  There will always be a large crowd at Tony Farrell's workshop, the reputation for his lunch is hard to match.
There was a very disappointing entry for the monthly competition which was a bowl on a pedestal.  Ger Hennessy was the winner and it was agreed that the other three would share joint second.
Next month the competition is again a bowl, following Tony's demonstration.  It can be any wood, any shape or any size - though something bigger than an eggcup would be preferred.

Joe Kennedy, our librarian, has reminded me that DVDs of each of our monthly workshops are available to members at the ridiculously low price of €5.00.  Joe can be contacted at 086 3637378.

Ger Hennessy's winning entry

There was a disappointing entry of only four items for the competition

Tony explains the next step.

Tony tells the assembled members what tool he was using and why.

Monday, September 14, 2015

We are very grateful to our Kerry Chapter sisters and brothers for the invitation to join them at their open day and seminar in Tralee on Saturday, 12th September, 2015.  Five of our members were able to attend and there were apologies from several other members, including our chairman, for being unable to do so.
We had an excellent day and Seamus Cassidy gave us everything we could expect and much more.  Thank you, Seamus, for your expertise and for sharing so much of it with us.
Seamus Cassidy's cone-shaped box in burr elm and ash.
At the end of the day the Cork Chapter members present were delighted when it was announced that our esteemed member, David Lee, won the 'Advanced' section of the competition for 'any turned item with added colour'.  Well done, Dave, you did us proud yet again.
Dave Lee with his winning platter.
Seamus Cassidy's mid-height lamps in 4 parts
Seamus Cassidy's bowl on steam-bent legs
We were delighted too when our friend, Anne Dunne, was announced as the winner of the other section.  Well done (no pun intended), Anne.
I don't know how the host chapter managed to put on what they did for such a modest fee.  There was a great lunch served too for the very low price of €8.00.
With the Carpentry Store having set up shop for the day many of those attending were delighted to be able to replenish supplies.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Chapter and our neighbouring Kerry Chapter have, over the years, developed a strong friendship and cooperation.  They are having a seminar in Tralee on Saturday next, 12th September.  It would be nice if as many Cork based members as possible would support it.  It is an excellent programme, very reasonably priced and Seamus Cassidy is well worth seeing in action.  The details are as follows:
The Kerry Chapter would like to extend an invitation to Cork Chapter members who may wish to see Seamus Cassidy in the Institute of Technology, Tralee (South Campus) on Saturday 12th September from 9.30 to 4.00. 
The cost is €12  and bring your own packed lunch, tea/coffee provided, or €20 if we can guarantee 20 to 30 people wishing to avail of a hot meal which the college is prepared to provide.

The Carpentry Store is attending and this is Seamus' programme:
    9.30 -11.00     4 part table lamp in walnut, maple and ebony
    11.30 - 1.00    Ash, elm and ebony finial box
    2.00 - 4.00      Burr elm bowl form with gold leaf and 3 steambent legs

The event is also a free 'Open Day' for new, hopefully young, interested parties, and has been advertised in the local press with a view to possibly initiating a woodturning course at the college.

Anyone can text Lesley Clarke on 0863642499 if he/she wishes to take the offer of a hot meal, but I need to know catering numbers at the beginning of the coming week. 
Lesley now tells me that the meal will be available but she should be notified so that she will know the number of people partaking of it.