Saturday, September 20, 2014

David Lee, who, with Leo O'Donoghoe, judged the competition points out the finer points of the lamp.

David handles Ger Hennessy's prize ball while Chairman, John Ahern, keeps an eye on proceedings.

From left: Paddy O'Rourke, John Ahern, Micheál Howard, John O'Shea, Ger Hennessy, Jim Byrne and Bill O'Mahony.

Paddy Lynch's 'Chapman Twist' before final glueing.

Paddy Lynch at the lathe.

The Chapter held its September workshop at the usual venue in Togher on Saturday the 20th.  The competition was for a sphere and even though the entry was small the quality was excellent.
The "Beginners" section was won by Micheál Howard.
"Intermediate" was won by Jim Byrne with Bill O'Mahony second .
"Advanced" was won by Ger Hennessy, second was John Ahern and John O'Shea & Paddy O'Rourke were joint third. 
The first demonstrator was Paddy O'Rourke who did an intriguing box with a 'twist and spur' lockable lid.  Many experienced turners hadn't seen it before and were fascinated.
The irrepressible and highly entertaining Paddy Lynch then took over and produced his now well-known "Chapman Twist" lamp.  Paddy is well known as a straight talker but with a great sense of humour.  His way of describing things, as well as his humorous 'asides' , had the members rocking in their seats with laughter.  Yet, he produced the goods and several members left the workshop with a full set of "the makings" which Paddy had wisely prepared in the off chance that there may have been buyers for them.

Some of the attendance at the September Workshop

Paddy O'Rourke, working on the lid of his box.

The unusual (for a woodturner box at any rate) locking system.