Sunday, December 6, 2015

We held our A.G.M. for 2015 on Saturday 5th December 2015 at our usual venue at Togher.
To open the day we had a demonstration from Gorey woodturner, Pat Carroll.  Pat made a big impression and the general feeling when he had finished is that we would certainly love to have him visit us again.
Pat Carroll at work

He started by making the neatest spherical hollow form that this writer has ever seen.  In fact he made it in two pieces and then glued them together.  The joint was cleverly concealed by the narrow beads that became a feature of the piece.  He left the narrowest of openings at the top and the whole thing would almost certainly be a wonderful conversation piece wherever it would be on show.
Pat's next project was a shallow bowl with a wide brim, coloured and textured.  He used an interesting technique for the colouring; he used spray-paint and used a blowtorch to quick-dry it.  (Don'y try this at home unless you have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket close at hand)
The third demonstration was a Christmas-tree decoration consisting of a hollow sphere and a long finial.  Pat used the same technique to colour that and the result was really beautiful.  He gifted it to an 18-year-old young-lady guest present and she went home literally walking on air.
Pat Carroll with his three completed projects

Thank you, Pat, for a great morning and we look forward to having you back again.

During the break we availed of the delicious cakes and mince-pies the members brought with them.  They were all delicious and we were very grateful for them but a certain sponge with raspberry filling (I think it was raspberry anyway)  had us all in a queue in case it would be all gone before we got to it.  (Top left corner of the photo.)
Some of the delicious fare on offer.  Thank you wives/partners.

We didn't have a competition but several members brought in work for a display.  
Some of the members' work on display.
More members' work on display

John Ahern chaired the A.G.M., which opened with a minutes silence for the members who had passed away during the year as well as the parents, spouses or other relatives of members.
The Secretary's report for the year has already been published on this website.  That outlines a very successful year for the Chapter and a very enjoyable one for the members.

In his address the Chairman thanked everybody who had contributed to the running of the Chapter.  The completeness of the Secretary's report meant, however, that there was little left for him to say.

In the Treasurer's report it was shown that the Chapter is in a good financial position and there was much praise for the stewardship of the Treasurer, John O'Shea.

Ger Hennessy introduced a report on Health and Safety.  This was met with great approval and appreciation for Ger and his Health & Safety Committee.

We got through a fairly long agenda without too much delay and we discussed a wide range of topics with most members contributing.  

Watch out for the full list of workshops scheduled for next year.  It will be on this website/Facebook page in a few days.

The officers are the same but there were some changes to the committee.  Again those will be put up in a few days when Mick Bouchier gets time to bring them up to date.

Our "Turner of the Year" is usually announced at the A.G.M. and the Chairman's Trophy is presented.  This is usually based on points earned from the workshop competitions but as those points were not available for the current year a small sub-committee was formed and they unanimously agreed that David Lee was to be the winner.  In presenting the trophy the Chairman pointed out that Dave had brought great honour to the Chapter by winning or being highly placed in several competitions throughout the country, including Gorey, Kerry and The National Seminar.  The Chairman also referred to Dave's contribution to the Chapter through the work that he does.  He is a very popular winner.  

David Lee receives the Chairman's Trophy for Chapter Woodturner of the Year from Chairman, John Ahern.
The year ahead promises to be an exciting one and any new developments will be fully reported on this page.  A couple of questionnaires were given out during the meeting and it would be very helpful if they could be returned at the next meeting.

Secretary’s report for year ending December 2015

Mick Bouchier
Hon. Secretary, Cork Chapter

5th Dec 2015

Documents for each delegate.

1.             Agenda 2015 AGM
2.             Financial Report 2015
3.             Current Cork Committee
4.             Proposed workshop dates 2016/17

Two years have gone by since I took up the role of Secretary for the Cork Chapter.
I am very grateful for all the help I have received from our Chairman, John Ahern and all members of the Committee.
This is not a Lifetime role and is open to anybody who would be willing to take it on.

Two of our members sadly died during the year under very unexpected circumstances, Charlie Cullinane on the 21st July and Maurice Cashman on the 28th October.
Three of our members had family bereavements during the year and we would like to offer our condolences to them:
First we had the very sad passing of Eileen O’Donoghue, Leo’s wife, we all remember her kindly ways and her catering skills every September at their home in Little Island.
P.J. O’Brien’s  father, Peter O’Brien died on the 26th August and John Ahern’s
Mother-in-law, Margaret (Peggy) Sweeney also died on the 26th August.
If there were bereavements in other member’s families that we are not aware of, we offer our condolences.
Here is a reminder of events that occurred during 2015.
We held 11 Workshops, 3 in member’s own homes, two of which were full day events and the Woodspun Exhibition and Sale in the Old Mill (James O’Neill) in Kinsale.
We also had a day out in Ballycotton and a day out in Lisnavagh Wood in Carlow.

We extend our thanks to all the hosts and demonstrators

         January       Home: Padraig MacAnFhaillghigh
February     School: Peter Manning and Ger Hennessy
         March         School: John Ahern and Jerry Twomey
         April           1day Seminar in Midleton Park Hotel with Mick Hanbury and Philip Mahon visiting Demonstrators ably supported by our own Demonstrators : John Ahern and Peter Manning.
         May            School: Charlie Ryan
June            School: John O’Shea and David Lee
June            Sea Fishing  & Ballycotton Island trip  with Peter Manning
July            Trip to Lisnavagh Woods in Carlow
July            Home: Kieran Higgins
August        No W/S as it clashed with the Woodspun Exhibition and Sale in the Old Mill, Kinsale which was also extended into September, thanks to Tony Farrell.
         September   Home: Tony Farrell
         October       Home: Leo O’Donoghue
         November   School: Brian Goulding and Paddy Lynch
         December    School: Pat Carroll and AGM

We also thank the wives / partners and families of those who held the home Workshops for letting us into their homes and for the wonderful hospitality shown.

We are looking for new demonstrators for the coming year. .
If there are any volunteers for the role of Demonstrator, they can give their names to the Secretary.

This has been a busy and eventful year when we achieved many of the objectives set out at last year's AGM and here I will remind you of some of those objectives.

We started on the 21st February with free lessons to members. We are grateful to the Demonstrators who gave of their time to this worthwhile venture.

Ger Hennessy came up with a Safety Statement for the Chapter for the School and Home Workshops having put a lot of research into same with Jerry Twomey , Christy FitzPatrick and David Lee.

Dave Lee made up a safety screen for the Lathe which is very effective, no need now to sit out of the line of fire!
We have a copy of Glen Lucas’ video in our Library plus videos of our own Workshops which are on sale for €5.

We had the One Day Seminar on April 18th in the Midleton Park Hotel with outside Demonstrators Mick Hanbury and Philip Mahon.
This event was well supported by the members including our neighbours from Kerry who are always supportive. We got some sponsorship from the National Executive for prizes on the day.
We were well represented by our local Demonstrators John Ahern and Peter Manning.
The event was ably filmed by Bill O’Mahony and Ger Hennessy.
The following day there was a Master Class given by Mick Hanbury at Tony Farrell’s Workshop.

Charlie Ryan travelled from Dublin to give a demonstration at the school on the 16th May.

On June 24th there was the trip to Ballycotton, ½ day Fishing & ½ day on Ballycotton Island with a meal arranged by Peter Manning in a local Hostelry.

I finally got some jackets from Murray’s of Charleville. They ran out of the most popular sizes but it is open to members to call to Murrays to fit on jackets in the shop.

On the 27th July we had a trip to Lisnavagh Woods in Carlow where we had a demonstration on Bowl Coring by resident Woodturner, Willie McHutcheon.
We ended the day with a meal in Mick Burke’s Hotel in Dungarvan.
Seventeen people went on this trip and we had a very pleasant journey thanks to our driver Michael Pattwell in the Togher Scout’s Bus.

We had over 7 weeks of Woodspun Exhibition and Sale in Old Mill (James O’Neill Building), Kinsale during Cork Craft Month starting on the 7th August and ending on the 27th September.
Our thanks to Tony Farrell, Kieran Higgins and to Mars O’Reilly and members of Cork Craft & Design of which we are now an Associate Member, for their help.
I would also like to thank the members who gave of their time to act as Invigilators during the Exhibition.

I finally got the Crests for the Chapter and they are for sale with John O’Shea for €5.

The AGM is even becoming a popular event and this year we had Pat Carroll demonstrating this morning as you are all aware and we would like to continue with this format in 2016.

Cork was well represented at the National Seminar in Dublin, with ten members attending.

The monthly competitions were reasonably well supported this year, some months being better than others.
Christy Fitzpatrick took on the responsibility of competition secretary this year.

Michael Pattwell has ably kept our Facebook Page and our Blog page updated and ensured that the Chapter notes were included in the Journal.

If any of you have an email address or mobile number that are not currently listed and would like to receive notifications by email or text, please give them to the Secretary.

Many members are involved in the setting up the room, preparing tea and coffee and then cleaning up afterwards, so well done to you all for participating.
A big thank you to Marea Power and the people in the school for letting us use their facilities for which we are very grateful. 

Also I congratulate our treasurer, John O’Shea, on his eight successful year in that role and also the role of Membership Secretary.
That concludes my report for 2015.

Thank you very much.

Mick Bouchier, Secretary of the Cork Chapter

We had our November workshop at our usual Togher venue.  Our two demonstrators were Brian Goulding and Paddy Lynch.
Brian did a pestle and mortar in Olive Ash.  It was a good project for a workshop demo because it involved both hollowing and spindle work.  It is a lovely bit of wood too and we'll be keeping an eye on Brian to see where he sourced such a nice piece.
Brian with his completed pestle and mortar

The pestle and mortar.  Prototype for the January competition.

Paddy did a square bowl which he completed with his usual ease and competence.  His comments and asides are always great fun and it is no wonder he is such a popular demonstrator.  He had some time on his hands and put a short length of 2 X 2 on the lathe and in no time he had produced a pair of door wedges, complete with a neat spherical knob on the ends of them.

Paddy Lynch, with his square bowl still on the lathe.

The monthly competition, based on the square candleholder that Leo O'Donoghue made at his home workshop demonstration the previous month, attracted a small entry.  There was no entry from Beginners and only two from Intermediate.  The latter was won by Joe Kennedy with Jim Byrne coming second.  It was hard to choose between them and the deciding factor was that Joe's was closer to Leo's original

Intermediate entries.  The winner is on the right.

The Advanced section was won by Gerard Hennessy, Peter Manning was second and Charley McCarthy was third.

Advanced: First is front, middle; Second third on the right, middle row and Third is first on the left, middle row. 

The competition for the next meeting is a pestle and mortar.  Brian Goulding's prototype is reproduced here for the guidance of those who might not have been at the November meeting.  A strong entry from all sections is requested.