Photo Gallery

April Workshop

March Workshop

Peter Manning

Ger Hennessy

February Workshop

Overall view of Leo's workshop
Ray Murphy Ger Hennessy Peter Manning Maria Power Richard Ford John O'Shea
Leo Donoghue Demonstrator

Laura  Eileen  Leo Donoghue

Laura Spot Eileen  Leo

Peter showing his flax spinning wheel to Brian McAdoo

Kieran Higgins & John Mitchell  Judges

Intermediate Winners Peter Manning  Troy Spinks  Ray Murphy
Advanced  Hillary Hale 2nd  Ger Hennessy 1st  John Mitchell Judge

Hillary Hale  John Mitchell

January Workshop

Peter Manning  Meara Power  Jim Donovan

Deep in thought

Square bowl by John Ahern

John Ahern

Paddy Lynch
Interested Audience members
Winners of the Advanced-Level  Jan Workshop 2012

Earlier Photos

John Ahern  Troy Spinks

John Ahern Chairman   Dave Lee