Saturday, March 22, 2014

We had an excellent workshop at our usual venue in Togher today with several new faces who we hope will become members of our chapter and become  regular attenders.  Our chairman, John Ahern, gave an excellent demonstration with great skill and expertise.  He first-of-all made a couple of "fruit" pieces - an apple and a lemon -  from yew and finished them with great attention to detail.  I thought using a real clove to finish the side opposite the stem of the apple was quite ingenious and very real looking.

For the second part of his demonstration John concentrated on finishing and gave some excellent pointers.  He had several different finishing products and gave us the pros and cons for each.  He also concentrated on the most important part of woodturning and that is keeping an edge on the tools.  John brought in a Sorby Pro-Edge and gave a short demonstration on its use.

There was something learned by everybody today, including by John himself who graciously took some excellent advice from one of the members, John Hourihan, and was glad to do so.

The competition this month was a baby's rattler.  The entry was disappointingly small with only ten items across the three categories.
 Just look at the concentration on that man's face.
 Some of the attendance.
 Very realistic fruit pieces made by John Ahern.
 The competition entries.  "Beginners" at the bottom, "Intermediate" above that and "Advanced" at the top.
 Winners of the "Advanced" section; Peter Manning, John Ahern (1st place) and Paddy O'Rourke.
 Winners of the "Intermediate" section; Jim O'Donovan, P.J. O'Brien (1st place) and Michael Pattwell
Joe Kennedy, Winner of the "Beginners" section with a piece that could have taken its place in either of the other sections.

Friday, March 21, 2014

March Meeting - Beware of Rattlers

The March meeting of the Cork Chapter is on tomorrow, Saturday 22nd, at 13.30 at a the usual venue in Togher.  We hope to see a good number of members there for John Ahern's demonstration.  I know he has been practising all week so he should have a treat in store for us.  Non-members who might be interested in eventually joining us are very welcome also.
Those attending are well advised to tuck their trouser legs into their socks as I am reliably informed that there will be several rattlers about the place tomorrow.  It could be tragic if a rattler went where a rattler was never intended to go.  Whether, of course, we may need a snake-catcher may be in doubt.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


All members are invited to bring any unwanted items of equipment, tools, wood or anything connected with woodturning that they want to sell, swop or barter, whether new or used, to the May workshop at the usual venue at Togher Old School; that is Saturday, 17th May, commencing at 12.00 noon.  (The workshop starts at 1.30, as you know.)
Have a good look around your workshops and turn your unwanted stuff into cash - or maybe then spend it by buying something you always wanted from another Chapter member.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Tormek SuperGrind 2000 Wet Grinder,  little used. 
Includes: Grinder,
New spare wheel SG-250,  
Tool setter TTS- 100 also WM 200,
Profiled honing wheel SVD-110,  
Tool rest,  
Fingernail gouge jig SVD 180,  
Stone grader SP 650,  
Grinding jig for knives SVM-110,
Grinding jig for gouges- carving chisels SVS-40,
Jig for truing wheels AVD-50D,
Unopened tube of honing compound.
Price, €525.

Contact John at 087 8158159

Sunday, March 2, 2014

All members should please note that because the next scheduled meeting of the Chapter falls on St. Patrick's Weekend the meeting has been deferred to the following Saturday, 22nd March at the usual time of 13.30.  The venue is the usual one at Togher.

Congratulations to our youngest member, Eannai O'Sullivan, who won the "Beginners" section at the February competition.

Ger, with his hands full of rattles.  Our subject for the March competition.

If I were you, John, I'd keep my mouth shut when trying that.

Some of the Cork Chapter contingent at the Gorey Seminar on 1st March, 2014.