Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last day of Woodspun

Today was the last day of Woodspun.    It took about four hours to repaint the forty six plints and pack the remaining pieces.We were grateful to Mave who helped us pack as help was very scarce. The organising committee would like to thank Brian Goulding, John O'Shea, Kieran Higgins, Paddy O'Rourke, Jim Donovan and John Ahern for a job well done.  Woodspun was  wonderful success again this tear and we look forward to 2014 for another exhibition


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Woodspun 13

Woodspun 2013

Lord Mayor Councillor Catherine Clancy and John Ahern

Woodspun 2013 has been a wonderful success, thanks to the commitment of the members of the Cork Chapter
and the main organisers,  Kieran Higgins and Tony Farrell. The event ran from Tuesday August 13th to 24th.
The official opening was performed by the Lord Mayor Cork Councillor Catherine Clancy on Saturday 17th.
On Saturday morning members set up two awnings to accommodate  two lathes for public demonstrations. 
The demonstrations drew large crowds. The demonstrators Tony Farrell, John Ahern, Brian Goulding, Peter Manning, John O'Shea
and David Lee, auctioned their pieces to support another great Cork institution the Guide Dogs for the Blind.
The Lord Mayor was welcomed by Chairman John Ahern who then escorted her around the exhibition explaining the different techniques
associated with woodturning. John then introduced the Lord Mayor to the very large attendance who went on to give a very well prepared 
speech and then declared the event open. John replied and presented  Lord Mayor Clancy with two pens made of Pink Ivory and Bog Oak.
It was indeed a wonderful day enjoyed by all

Kieran Higgins Report

The July workshop was a home one hosted by Kieran Higgins in Skibbereen. As always we expected something large from Kieran 
and we were not disappointed. The first thing we noticed was the extension fitter to his lathe a Poolwood 5000 this he told us was to made move
the tailstock when not in use, as it is too heavy to lift. It is indeed a beautiful piece of engineering made by a friend of Kieran's.
Kieran turned a bowl in bog oak a timber at which he excels.He explained his technique as he turned and also the importance of being very alert 
as bog oak is full of splits  At the end of the demo Kieran finished a beautiful bowl, well done Kieran.

Kieran Higgins Workshop July