Monday, August 18, 2014

What true woodturners really want to see,  some of the exhibits. I can't recall who the makers of some of these items are but I will check it out and edit the credit in in due course. 
John O'Shea's magnificent hollow form, blackened elm on an elm base.

Yew lamp with hand-painted shade by Olive Murphy Designs.

Leo O'Donoghue's mahogany table lamp, again with an Olive Murphy hand-painted shade.

Kieran Higgins' bog oak hollow form.  Just imagine trying to keep that together on a lathe as it spins at several hundred rpm.  

Leo O'Donoghue's standard lamp (with another Olive Murphy shade) with a selection of smaller items on a display cabinet made by Fearghal O'Leary.

John O'Shea's turning/carving in contrasting woods.

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Brian Goulding, thinking outside the box, made these really wonderful floor lamps.

Brian McAdoo's twisted candle-holder.

Kieran Higgins' burr-elm bowl.  Has to be seen in the wood, as it were, to be fully appreciated.