Friday, September 1, 2017

August Workshop 2017
After a very successful annual Wood Spun Exhibition  and sale which was held in Kinsale our August workshop was held in our HQ in Togher. Making a return visit was guest turner Pat Carroll. Pat gave a wonderful demonstration on woodturning. Before starting his first demo Pat gave a talk on Health and Safety especially matters relating to the danger of dust and the necessity to keep dust protection on even after you have finished sanding , also the danger of dust explosion and flying items from the lathe.
Pat started  first demo. It was a  12ix2inch. platter in elm with a brick design on the side and continuing on to the top of the platter. He started by turning the platter to his desired shape, then marking out the brick shapes and proceeding to finish the bricks using a router again explaining in detail all the procedures he was using.
To finish the platter he first sprayed it with black acrylic paint and then coating it with silver gilt cream.
It was a pleasure to watch Pat complete his first project. We then took a break for refreshments. During this period Pat and our most efficient  Sec. Mick Bouchier judged the competition which this  month was a natural edged bowl .
For the second demo Pat turned a Nick Ager inspired bowl. He emphasised  the importance of sharp tools, as he proceeded to turn the bowl and mark it with a soft leaded pencil explaining the outline of the decorative design he was going to do. Having shaped and marked the bowl he proceeded to decorate it with a series of punches, carving tools, chisels, screws and all sorts of everything. When finished with the decorative tools he proceeded to spray it with black acrylic paint and silver gilt cream as he did in the first demo.
All present agreed that it was a great demo. The finished pieces were a witness to that. Thanks Pat we look forward to seeing you back in Cork in the future.   

John B Ahern