Monday, November 14, 2016

1922 - 2016

The members of the Cork Chapter were particularly saddened to hear of the recent death, at age 94, of our oldest member and friend, Michael Box.

Michael lived at Two Pot House, outside Mallow, Co. Cork where he hosted many Chapter Workshops over many years.  Following the death of his wife some years ago he continued to reside in the family home outside Mallow where he was lovingly cared for by his daughter, Jackie, to whom we now offer our sincere condolences.

He was from Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds area in England and despite many years living in Ireland he never lost his accent.  He served in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy before relocating to this country.  England’s loss was Ireland’s gain.

He was a talented turner in both metal and wood.

In an interview he gave to John Ahern for the Cork Chapter Newsletter Michael explained that he had no history of working with timber but was a mechanical engineer and toolmaker by trade.  When he retired over 30 years ago he took up woodturning because, as he said himself, “Unlike metalturning, woodturning is a much more skilled and difficult discipline because when the metal lathe is set up it will do the work itself.  In woodturning you have to do all the shaping by hand and by eye.”  At the beginning he attended a course in Craft Supplies under Chris Stott.

Michael’s work was very artistic and he preferred faceplate work.  He was heavily influence by Greek artwork and liked especially one-off pieces that included twist work.  Air-dried ash, yew and sycamore, sourced locally, were his favourite woods.

For his artistic work he designed and built a home-made router jig that is quite unique, was very versatile and that he used to great effect for his intricately designed pieces.

Though his health had declined with the passing of years Michael attended the Chapter monthly workshops up to quite recently where he occupied a front seat, making sure he took everything in.

Rest easy, Michael Box.  You will be greatly missed.