Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our September 2016 workshop was held at Tony Farrell's workshop.  It is always a popular venue, not alone for the quality of Tony's demonstration but also the food that he, Alice and her band of helpers serve.
Tony has a top class ventilation system and that made it the ideal venue to deal with sanding and finishing.  Our host went through both hand-sanding and power sanding as well as the various finishes he uses.  Everybody learned something new.
For hand-sanding Tony favours Abranet but for power sanding he uses the Simon Hope system with the 47mm sanding pads and the 50mm discs that he cuts using a wad punch.
Most of us are familiar with bees wax mixed with liquid paraffin but Tony has his own variation in which he uses pure turpentine instead of the liquid paraffin (mineral oil in the USA.)
He does, however, use liquid paraffin extensively, especially for his food plates.  He fills a container with the oil and dips the plate into it, then lets it drain in another receptacle.  The finish is most acceptable.  For heavily spalted wood Tony likes to use the mix of sanding sealer and thinners - 50/50. That clearly stabilises the wood and produces a much better finish.
The subject for the monthly competition was a bowl and there was a good entry.  Judging was undertaken by Kieran Higgins and Gerard Hennessy and their critiques were themselves valuable lessons. In advanced Peter Manning secured first place and Charlie McCarthy got 2nd and 3rd.  In Intermediate Joe Kennedy was first, Jim Byrne was second and Michael Pattwell was third.  Tom Daly won the beginners.
The subject for the October competition is a plate.  That workshop will be held at Leo O'Donoghue's in Little Island.
Tony Farrell finishing a large platter

Happy Birthday, Tony.

The competition entries.