Monday, June 27, 2016

The June workshop saw us in Fermoy in Charley McCarthy’s new workshop.  Charley has managed to provide a great space for his hugely imaginative creations and anybody thinking of constructing a workshop would be well advised to consult with Charley – he has issued that invitation – at design stage.

The Max Brosi type turning
The workshop clashed with the Ireland v Italy soccer match and as a result the attendance was a little smaller than usual.

This was a new workshop for us and we were not disappointed.  Our host decided that the topic would be offset or multi-axis turning.  He introduced us to the topic by distributing helpful drawings as well as copies of an excellent article on the subject from “American Woodturner” in the Fall 2007 issue.  He then showed us a “wobbly” rolling pin and then a wooden ‘plumbing piece’ he had made in the Max Brosi style.  Anybody not familiar with Max’s style could see an article on this imaginative craftsman in “Woodturning” magazine for March 2016.

Charley's off-centre barrel lamp
Charley’s main topic was a lamp made in several axes, each one slightly different to the other, with each section made to resemble a miniature barrel.  This he achieved with careful planning and calculating. 

Anxious to make the most of his couple of hours Charley, quite sensibly, didn’t finish out the project once he got beyond the critical stages but very happily referred us to a similar item he had made in preparation for the day.

Instead he went on to demonstrate some very cleverly and attractively designed candleholders that started life as an inside/outside turning project.  For this he referred us to a Barbara Dill YouTube video.  Once he had completed the initial inside/outside part of the project he then parted the four pieces and finished them using the multi-axis procedure.  The result was a couple of very attractive candleholders.

Inside/Outside turning
Completed candleholder
There was a small entry for the competition based on the three-part jewellery box that John O’Shea demonstrated in May.  Joe Kennedy was 1st in the Intermediate section and Brendan Griffin was 2nd.  Jim O’Donovan was 1st in Advanced with John O’Shea 2nd.

Many thanks to Charley for hosting the event, and a special word of thanks to Vanessa for delicious food – without forgetting Neil who demonstrated great skill at the barbeque.

The July Workshop will be held in Kieran Higgins’ Workshop, Skibbereen on Saturday 16th July at 1.30pm.

Competition: is a Multi-Axis Turning of any form.