Monday, September 14, 2015

We are very grateful to our Kerry Chapter sisters and brothers for the invitation to join them at their open day and seminar in Tralee on Saturday, 12th September, 2015.  Five of our members were able to attend and there were apologies from several other members, including our chairman, for being unable to do so.
We had an excellent day and Seamus Cassidy gave us everything we could expect and much more.  Thank you, Seamus, for your expertise and for sharing so much of it with us.
Seamus Cassidy's cone-shaped box in burr elm and ash.
At the end of the day the Cork Chapter members present were delighted when it was announced that our esteemed member, David Lee, won the 'Advanced' section of the competition for 'any turned item with added colour'.  Well done, Dave, you did us proud yet again.
Dave Lee with his winning platter.
Seamus Cassidy's mid-height lamps in 4 parts
Seamus Cassidy's bowl on steam-bent legs
We were delighted too when our friend, Anne Dunne, was announced as the winner of the other section.  Well done (no pun intended), Anne.
I don't know how the host chapter managed to put on what they did for such a modest fee.  There was a great lunch served too for the very low price of €8.00.
With the Carpentry Store having set up shop for the day many of those attending were delighted to be able to replenish supplies.