Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mick Hanbury (U.K.) gave a workshop at Tony Farrell's place on the day after the Annual seminar.  For the 17 participants who attended it was a wonderful day.  Tony Farrell's now famous ham luncheon added greatly, as usual, to the event.
Working on four lathes the different groups made each of the projects that Mick had demonstrated in Midleton the previous day.  The artistic side was prominent for two of the groups.  They opted to make the coloured "rose" bowl and a great job they made of them too.  One very adventurous group got to grips with the triangular bowl and when they got the blank spinning at full speed it was like being inside an old-fashioned propellor-driven aeroplane.  The more conservative of us were happy to concentrate on the three-sided box and luckily the ever-generous Tony Farrell, our host for the day, provided enough blanks to enable us, because we didn't get to finish the project, take it up again on our home lathes.
It was a beautifully sunny day and we wound up the day sitting in the sunshine with teas and coffees and the most delicious chocolate biscuit cake and lemon-flavoured queen cakes.
Mick Hanbury is a wonderful teacher and demonstrator and had unbounded energy throughout the day as he darted about from lathe to lathe instructing and correcting.  Tony, our host, became a second trainer and as usual was more than generous with his advice and help.  As a further demonstration of his generosity nobody left Waterfall without a few pieces of wood from Tony's large stock.
The attached photographs are some random shots from the very excellent day.