Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Workshop Leo Donoghue at Home

Leo Donoghue hosted the Sept. workshop in his workshop which is situated in the Little Island. Leo made a square bowl, he first explained the importance of having  the blank square and the hole for the screw chuck in the centre. He then went on to turn the outside and having sanded and finished it he reversed it to finish the inside. Leo then proceeded to burned the top of the blank with a gas torch to blacken it so that when the bowl was finished the raised bead that he had made stood out , it was indeed a most attractive finish. It was a very informative day enjoyed by all present (35). We would like to thank Eileen Leo's  wife, his two granddaughters, and his niece,  for the lovely food tea and coffee especially Eileen's flans. When Leo burned the top of the bowl , he removed it and did so outside the workshop. He also pointed out that to do so in the workshop is not safe that such actions could to a fire.