Monday, March 11, 2013

March Workshop

Finished Demo Piece

2nd Place
Peter 1st Place

Rita  and  Paddy ORourke Demonstraror

David Lee 3rd Right

Dave's  Piece 2nd. place in Gorey






David Lee's Box   1st. place in Gorey

Jim Donovan Bill OMahony Brian Goulding Michael Pattwell



Paddy ORourke


The Ireland v. France rugby match and the change of date because of St. Patrick’s Day next weekend probably explains why we had a smaller crowd attend the March workshop held at the usual venue at Togher.

At the outset Brian McAdoo was acting as chairman in John Ahern’s absence and there was wide applause when he congratulated David Lee for coming first and second at the Gorey Seminar the previous weekend. Dave's winning pieces can be seen further down on this page.

The first demonstrator of the day was Paddy O’Rourke who took us through the convoluted twists and turns of the barley twist. It being a slower process than regular turning Paddy was well prepared with various examples of the various stages to show us. There were many interesting questions and several members went home later, determined to acquire some rasps and microplanes and have a go.

After the break we had a novel item in which four members who had never demonstrated before took on a joint venture. Bill O’Mahony was the captain of the ship and with him were Brian Goulding, Jim O’Donovan and Michael Pattwell. They set to work on a table lamp in Ash. Brian began by boring the hole through the centre with a long hole-boring auger. Then Michael rough-turned the stem and Bill laid out the basic shape for Jim to finish. All four then contributed to the work on the base. There was plenty of advice from the audience and even more banter but all-in-all the lamp, ready for finishing, polishing and wiring, was quite satisfactory. Many had predicted it would turn out to be a bit of a camel – a horse assembled by a committee – but it was a good bit better than that. One wag suggested it would be much better when it had a rub of 80 grit sandpaper but when he was asked how he knew such a thing even existed he had little more to say.

The competition this month, under the expert guidance of Seamus Healy, was for a goblet, with a special prize for the tallest. The judges were Hilary Hale and Dermot Chapman. Brendan Griffin was the sole entrant in the Beginners but would have been a worthy winner in any category. His finely turned and finished goblet was also the tallest.

Brian Goulding was 1st in Intermediate and Jim O’Donovan was 2nd.

The advanced section had the biggest entry. It was won by Peter Manning with John Ahern 2nd and David Lee 3rd.

Next month’s competition, in conjunction with our seminar, is open to any turned object and members may enter up to three items.