Monday, October 24, 2016

The winning entry, Limerick Chapter 
Fourteen members of the Cork Chapter attended the National Seminar in Maynooth over last weekend. It was a most enjoyable few days and everybody seemed to have a good time. Unfortunately we didn't bring back any prizes from the competitions even though the standard of the items that our members entered was very high. Indeed the overall standard was really high and accordingly nobody was really disappointed. It was an honour to just be there.
Thanks to Ger Hennessy and his team, our entry in the Chapter Challenge looked very well and those of us who were there felt very proud of our effort. We didn't, however, win but we were delighted when the Limerick Chapter were announced as the winners - and a very worthy winner they were too. Hearty congratulations to them.  They even included a box for the pieces and that can be seen in the background.

The Cork Chapter entry.