Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our guest turners for the seminar on the 18th April were Mick Hanbury from the U.K. and Philip Mahon from Sligo.  We are deeply grateful to both of them for a wonderful days turning.
Mick did three exciting projects; the first was a triangular bowl on a pedestal; the second was a bowl, the outside of which he coloured black and then added flower designs, using a compressor, and for the third project he made a three-sided box with a minaret-type top.
Philip, meanwhile and to the delight of many, stayed with straight-forward honest-to-goodness turning.  His first project was a covered sugar bowl and scoop, which he repeated for a different audience later in the day and for his second project he made a most attractive candlestick.

For the first session after lunch our own chapter turners, Chairman John Ahern and committee member Peter Manning, gave, in their usual style, excellent demonstrations.  John did a potpourri bowl in yew but took the opportunity to demonstrate his new Simon Hope jig for deep hollowing.  Peter did a "mystery" saltcellar.  It was demonstrated by Nick Cook in the National Seminar last year and is available on one of his DVDs.  It is a fun project and placed on any dining table is a definite conversation creator.

Mick Hanbury
Mick's rose bowl

Philip Mahon with his completed bowl and scoop.

Whoever said to avoid making pairs - clearly doesn't apply to Philip

Peter Manning, working on his mystery saltcellar
John Ahern with one of his potpourri bowls.